3 Stone Bridal Engagement Rings

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Express your love with 3 Stone Bridal Engagement Ring. Many people say that their love will never be perfect before they get married. However, it also needs to be supported by an extraordinary moment when the couple pinned each ring. Well, most assume that it is an expression of love. However, it should also be realized in an elegant giving. So, this ring is one way to present the purity of love for your partner.

3 Stone Bridal Engagement Ring

3 Stone Bridal Engagement Ring Specification

Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Stone Information
Jewelry Information

Stone shape
Metal stamp?
Minimum color
Minimum clarity
9.7 millimeters
Very good cut
Total metal weight?
6.40 Grams
Very Good
Number of stones
Minimum Total Carat Weight
2 carats
Stone Weight?
0.47 carats, 1.53 carats
Stone Weight
0.47 carats, 1.53 carats
Model number

It is a white diamond with a three-stone setting. The weight of the stone is 0:47 and 1:53 carats. The design is very beautiful because the emphasis on elegant form is circular and very distinctive. Three pretty impressive circle of the perfection of a ring of love. Also, this is a 14k metal stamp that will surely make you more admire this masterpiece. There are 14 stones that make up into a ring. With a width of 9.70 millimeters and a weight of 6.65 grams, this will be one of the beautiful rings that you've found. Reviews mention that this ring is very pretty and gets five stars. Moreover, it has created a natural way. So that it creates an impression of a typical charming. Actually, this ring is offered at an attractive price. Initially, this was around $ 6,331.00 - $ 6,406.50. But you can get it at a lower price because there are special moments. Also, it had good Specification that will make you confident because this will be the most special prizes in your wedding ceremony. If you want a smaller size, you can get this to the appropriate. So, do not worry because you will get 3 Stone Bridal Engagement Ring for your special moment. In fact, there are several other options such as rose gold and yellow gold. Make sure that you will take the most perfect choice.

3 Stone Bridal Engagement Ring 2

3 Stone Bridal Engagement Ring Designer

It is an incredible ring designed by DazzlingRock Collection. Typically, they design a lot of rings intended for wedding needs. The uniqueness they consist of multiple characters perfectly elegant beauty that radiates from a company. Thus, it is not surprising that this type is preferred by those who want to hold a wedding event. Of course, you can find some similarity of characters from a circular stone jewelry in each type. However, each design emits different expressions that can only be understood by the love and perfection. So, that's what makes each design to be different and memorable.

For this type, the designer expresses a theme of natural beauty. This concept is supported by an impressive detail in each section. Also, this is a bridal engagement ring which very perfect and amazing. It would be the right theme for your special moment before the wedding day.

In conclusion, if you are planning a wedding the best, you could put together a lot of concepts. However, the most important thing is how you can give something that is best for you woman. What's more, this ring has received a lot of praise and positive reviews. Therefore, you can think of 3 Stone Bridal Engagement Ring for your loved one.

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