More Unique Antique Engagement Rings Offered

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More choices such as unique antique engagement rings will give you more special choices of engagement ring. It will be the best ring that add your ring with unique and antique touch which will make it just the only ring for you. This is what you will have for better choice of an engagement ring. To find more recommended choices of engagement ring, following review of engagement ring will help you get wider option

Unique Antique Engagement Rings and Their Characteristics

Different type of engagement ring will also bring different details that make every of them special. Instead of limited with those new styles of engagement design, you will find those antique engagement rings come with various details such as different color and unique design. Those are details that make this kind of engagement ring different to the other type of engagement ring. For example, you can find one that will come with quite unique design with that look quite familiar with detail since it is inspired from the old accent. Since those rings come from those old details, you will also find them with quite expensive price.

3 Recommended Unique Antique Engagement Rings

  • 18K White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Antique 2.05Ctw By KNR

This ring setting is from the year of 1930 that considered as the Era of Art Deco. With excellent 14K white gold, this engagement ring will be one of the best options of rings that come with great value. Its total carat is 2.05 that comes with diamond as its center gemstone. Furthermore, its diamond comes in round brilliant cut diamond in G color. Other than the center gemstone, this ring is also added with two round brilliant cut. With sixteen single cut diamond accents, this diamond will be one of your best option for engagement ring. It is also considered as one of those best unique antique engagement rings available here.

  • Art Nouveau 14K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting Vintage Filigree Round Cut 5.6-6.8mm by LeBelle

Made from the era of Art Nouveau in the year of 1920s, this is the engagement ring that comes in excellent condition of Metal 14k white gold. It is the one that available also with round brilliant cut diamond. Its total carat weight is 0.9 and H-I color with Si2-I1 clarity. Furthermore, this is also the one with additional gemstone of two round brilliant cut.

  • Perfect Antique Affordable Engagement Ring 0.50 Carat Princess Cut Diamond on Gold by JeenJewels

Though it comes from the later era of Retro, it has very beautiful design. It is made form year of 1970s that still available in excellent condition. Its metal is made of 10k, 14k or 18k White Gold. Its total carat weighs 0.50 with diamond as its center diamond. Furthermore, it is also available with 1.63 ct. pear shaped diamond. Natural sapphire with dark blue color will also be another quality that makes it one of the best engagement rings you can find from antique type. Though the beauty seems to look often on those antique rings, you will also have unique modern engagement rings as your option.

With various choices are available for this engagement ring, you will have more choices of ring that will look amazing with more accents. Those are the best of unique antique engagement rings which will give you the best moment of your engagement.

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