Antique Style Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Show your Love, As Bright as Diamonds

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How about presenting this Antique Style Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring for your next anniversary with your girlfriend or wife? Special event in your romantic relationship should not be ignored just like that. You have to show that the day is also a special day for you too. The day when you two finally got each other’s heart and trust your partner to love you forever. For such a special event, celebrating it every year won’t hurt. It will help reminding you two abot the feeling you have for each other that time. A ring, especially one with beautiful diamond decoration in it is a great choice for an anniversary or maybe borthday present for yuour girlfriend or wife.

Antique Style Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Specification

The decoration stone is not diamond. It is 25 carat zirconia stone, shaped into cubic clearcut and placed at the center of the ring. This is a rare design compared to the widely use of round shape these days. Smaller zerconia pieces are arranged to enclosure the biggest one in the center, creating a great briliance that could even brighten the whole room. Adding to the elegance of the ring, the band is also decorated with channels of zirconia stone. The white band is made of brass base metal, and plated with gold rhodium for the eternal shine that will never dull out. This ring is perfect for a special dinner or your party with collegues.

Antique Style Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Designer

The designer of this ring is a famous designer that is usually making the design for vintage jeweries. That is why the cubic cut of the zerconia is arranged to make the vintage feel coming out of it. Many Reviews said how beautiful the ring is and the vintage feel it gives out is the favorite effect of the users. The design is made to get the modern elegant look, yet still have the unique vintage look on it. This is the trademark of the designer of this Antique Style Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring.

The theme used by the designer is the classic victorian era. During the 19th century, the trend of rings is ring with cubic clear cut decoration stone as the center. The diameter tends to be big and covering the finger. From that design, the designers make this ring with cubical cut to represent the glory from the past still fits with this age. For some people the ring might be too big. However, this is actually the perfect for parties and other glamorous occasion. Match it with simple or glamour dress and your style will be perfect.

This is perfect for a present for your wife or girlfriend. If you are really serious, then this jewel will be perfect to show how strong your feeling for her is. The Specification makes this ring is perfect for a party or you can also display it somewhere for its beauty. The diameter is not as big as those from the past so teh ring being too big for some people is actually only an exagaration. Once you have tried this for real, you will realize how perfect Antique Style Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring fits to your ring.

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